I’ve sorted most of the books inside the house. Notice the word inside; I’m ignoring the truck. I sorted out books that can’t be given to the kids, which takes our count down a little. But here are the details… for the curious among you.

One thing is clear from this count: we need more Junie B Jones & Captain Underpants. Please help if you can!

655 Beginner (ex: Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books)
414 Chapter Books, level 1 (grades 1-2)
389 Chapter books, level 2 (grades 2-4)
245 Chapter books, level 3 (grades 3-5)
353 Middle/High school
79 Junie B Jones
95 Captain Underpants
214 Goosebumps
27 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (check it out!!!)
173 Loose (all levels, counted but not sorted)

You’d think after sorting about 800 books today I’d have been able to handle that last 173. Maybe next time.

As for the books that couldn’t be used: 24 will be used to barter for credits or points; 35 will be donated to charity; 97 will be taken to Better World Books for recycling.