Finally… FINALLY (!!!) I’ve finished sorting, counting, and boxing books. I came up with a new system that will make it easier to deliver books in spring. Basically I came up with 5 categories based on reading level, and I just box the books at random according to reading level.

Here’s the breakout:

105 Beginner (ex: Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books)
128 chapter Books, level 1 (grades 1-2)
143 chapter books, level 2 (grades 2-4)
133 chapter books, level 3 (grades 3-5)
40 chapter books, advanced (longer books for more advanced readers)
9 Junie B Jones
52 Captain Underpants
68 Goosebumps
2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2 more on the way….)

That’s 680 books if my math is correct. Seems like a lot, and seems like nothing – all at the same time. My guestimate for now (will have a better idea when school starts) is that it’ll take about 1,000 books per elementary school to give 3 books per child. And I’m looking into ways to give more books to children who are known to be in need. More on that later, but I made some progress today, hooray!

Thanks everybody, for your support, for your books, for your ideas. Spread the word. 680 books is just the beginning.