Books are starting to come in from the many book drives taking place, and at the same time we’re divvying up books for boxing. Things are crazy at the warehouse!

My best guess is we’re about 2,000 books short. We’re particularly low on books for 4th-5th graders. While we’re sorting, counting, and boxing, I hope you’ll be on the lookout for these books, and get them to us quickly if you find them! (You can always donate funds to help us purchase them, of course.)

High-Interest Series/Authors for 4th-5th graders:
Big Nate, Candy Apple, Poison Apple, Amelia’s Notebook, Dear Dumb Diary, Dork Diaries, David Lubar books, the “Psycho Butt” series (Andy Griffiths), BONE graphic novels, Guinness World Record books, 39 Clues, and of course Wimpy Kid.

Books we have PLENTY of:
Animorphs, CS Lewis, Matt Christopher, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Andrew Clements, Roald Dahl, Horrible Harry, Cam Jansen, A to Z Mysteries. Supply is greater than demand for these, so we’re pulling some out and will hold them til next year.

Regarding our “top 4”:
Our focus on Diary of a Wimpy Kid paid off! We have twice as many as last year. We also have plenty of Goosebumps. We could use more Junie B Jones, but at least we have enough to take to every school. The surprise: Captain Underpants. Where is he hiding? We only have 200 on hand, so we’ll only be able to take these to 1 school this year.

There are only a couple of weeks left to get these books. Please be on the lookout – yard sales, Goodwill, etc – or donate funds today.