This week I’m meeting with people from the Clarke County School System and a new Athens initiative, Whatever It Takes. I’m so hopeful that good things will come out of these meetings, but won’t bore you with what may or may not happen. If there’s news to report you know I’ll post it.

This week is off to a great start! Bayne and I went to Macon Sunday to visit family… and I came home with 90 books!

Shout out to Jade (one of my first friends in Athens) and Sayge, the Freecycler from Watkinsville I mentioned in an earlier post. Both cleaned off their bookshelves and donated top quality books from great authors.

And another shout out to Mom, who produced a stack of books out of thin air. Where has she been hiding these things?

Then the mail arrived.

Jan, a repeat supporter from Davis CA sent another big box of books. Hers are BookCrossing books, so kids who end up with her books can look them up online and see where they’ve traveled. I love surprises like this!

Jeannie, a BookMoocher from Marysville WA also sent a box of books; I mooched 2 books from her and she threw in many extras… all great books.

Taylor in Atlanta (who also happens to be my sweet sister Bird) is having a book drive during her round robin tennis tournament in a few weeks… AND, her mother-in-law Somai is placing a collection bin at her health club down in Dublin GA.

And today I have another combo shout out. Jvonne and her daughter, both in Louisiana, gave free books and smokin’ point deals to Kay in Greenville SC, who is collecting books for Books for Keeps. Kay reports that books are stacked against the walls in her house, and that Jvonne and her daughter were extremely generous.

Monday blues? Not here.

Thank you Jade, Sayge, Mom, Jan, Jeannie, Taylor, Somai, Jvonne (and your daughter) and Kay! Any day I have to update my inventory count twice is a great day.