…. and I already have people to thank today!

Last night three BookMooch “angels” offered to order books for Books for Keeps so that my account doesn’t hit the moochable limit. For you non-moochers, this may not sound like a big deal. But it involves a tedious amount of record-keeping, and lots and lots of click, click, clicking to request books one at a time.

So thank you Katherine in Illinois, Kerry in California, and Meg in California… my newest angels, your help is sooo appreciated and you make it possible for me to use the points that other folks donate for the cause.

And a shout out to Ginger, here in Athens, a repeat Books for Keeps supporter. 4 bags bursting with books… can’t wait to go through them.

Also, I met with Anisa from Clarke County schools. She agreed to help me come up with a method for choosing the next school we adopt, for spreading the word about the book drive, and she has some ideas for book-drop locations too. I appreciate your time Anisa, especially considering that your office is swarmed with people registering their children for school today.

What a way to start a Tuesday! Off to count the latest influx of books…..