Remember these photos from last year, when books began taking over my foyer, dining room, and many other rooms in my house?

If you do, this morning’s photo won’t seem very impressive.

That’s because I got smart and set up my garage with shelves for book shipments and drop-offs.

I try to have local books delivered straight to our warehouse, but many times my car is completely full and I need the space quickly for something else, so the books get unloaded to the garage. NOT the dining room!

Another contributing factor is that we can’t have books shipped directly to Fire and Flavor’s warehouse. Until we have our own space, with a real mailing address, mail-in donations will continue to go to Kay in Greenville, and purchases/grants will continue to arrive at my house.

In fact, I’m expecting 20-40 boxes of books from First Book in the next few days, so I’d better get out there and make some room.