Wow. I’m flipping through my notebook and that’s the word that comes to mind as I review the past couple weeks: WOW.

I’m just going to jump right in.

The customers of City Salon & Spa continue to donate books, thanks in large part to Shayne McBride’s never-ceasing effort to spread the word. Thank you all!

The Books for Keeps “Out of State Angels” are out in full force. I have to tell you, I get such a boost from these women. I feel like they’re right here with me sorting books. So thank you, yet again, to Katherine in Kerrville TX; Heather in Yuma AZ; Donna in Mississauga Canada; Michelle in Kingston Canada; Jan in Davis CA; Peta in the UK; Carrie in New Ulm MN; Meg in CA; Sandra in Ontario Canada; Mary in Reidsville… all are sending books, donating funds, donating points, and/or proactively scouring thrift stores to find books on our wish lists. I hope I didn’t forget anyone… you ladies have a special place in my heart.

BookMoochers continue to keep us flush with points, and as always their generosity is humbling. They give Books for Keeps a truly international base of supporters. Breaker and “annlchasek” in NY, Raoul in Canada, R&D in NE, Kath in OH, Emily and Kathleen in MN, Abigail in WI, Frank in MI, Robin in GA, Elizabeth in TX, Tania in France, Elizabeth in SC, Susan in CO, Renee in PA, Jeremy in CT, Sugar Creek Ranch in OR, and Laura in CA – thank you for the points! You’re helping us more than you can imagine.

And speaking of BookMoochers: where would we be without Kay in Greenville SC? Ordering books, opening the packages, and acknowledging receipt make up one huge task when you’re processing hundreds of packages a month. Kay is bringing a huge load of books this Friday and it’s going to be a GREAT day. Thank you Kay!

My family and friends have jumped into the action too. Mom, Taylor, Leigh, Kelley, and Bobbie – thank you for your donations. Lori & Celia – thank you for charging rent in the form of books to your families over the holidays. Stephanie and Kim – thank you for continuing to collect books from Foster Care Support Foundation. All of you, your support means so much to me.

Folks right here in Athens are helping too, in big ways. Tim, Cathy, and the team from Whatever It Takes have donated books and offered all kinds of support… so good to have input from people who’ve done this before. Whitney and Leigh are planning our first-ever book sale, and that’s a HUGE job. Jennifer donated another great load of pristine, wonderful books from the College of Education.

Finally, thank you to the many anonymous donors who’ve ordered from our Amazon list or left books at our sort room. I don’t know who you are, but I appreciate you all the same.

My, what a lot of people have contributed to our efforts in just a few short weeks! My heartfelt apologies if I forgot a single one of you. You are all making a wonderful difference in Books for Keeps efforts. 6,000 books in 2 months seems like a cakewalk right now, thanks to all of you.

Inventory update coming after the weekend, if not sooner. It’s been a little crazy!