We distributed 12 books per child yesterday to every student in kindergarten through 2nd grades at Alps Elementary, and today we went back to do the same for every student in third through fifth grades.

It was fabulous. Thrilling. Exhausting. But mostly… motivating. Everyone there agreed: seeing those happy faces makes us want to try harder. Find more books, reach more kids. We learned a lot, took great notes, and when our feet stop hurting and our brains return to fully-functioning, we’ll get busy sharing every detail with you.

For now, here are a few starter pictures. I’m working on media releases that will allow me to share pictures of the kids. Until then, here’s what I can share:

First, Kay arrived with nearly 2,500 books in her car. She was only able to bring a teeny, tiny suitcase because her car was so full. Scamp supervised the unloading of the books.

Our Pi Beta Phi volunteers: what would we have done without them? They worked HARD, and were especially great at talking to the kids about specific books. Having them there really made a difference. Not just in workload; I mean the kids connected with them and it mattered. Thank you, Pi Phi girls!

The only picture I managed to snag of our Books for Keeps volunteers. Major omission! But here are Kay, Kim and Cathy, during the only 10-second period they stood still long enough for a photo. No such luck with Whitney, Jennifer and Melanie. You women are amazing and I’m so honored to work with you.

The “Wall ‘O Books”: These bags full of books would have been a distraction in the classroom. So after the kids chose their 12 books each, they hung their bags outside their classrooms on the coat racks. (Just think, we almost didn’t have tote bags. Ginny, Laura, Whitney and the Gammons Foundation – YOU ROCK.)

I’ll work on getting those media releases and posting more photos. And of course I’ll share every detail… but it will surely be after the distributions are over (May 13th) and I’ve recovered from it all (May ???)

Here’s the one thing I must tell you right now: two different volunteers overheard two different sets of teachers commenting to each other that our selection of books was amazing. YOU provided those books. Fun, colorful, interesting books in great condition… they truly were gifts. Thank you!