Books for Keeps delivered nearly 1,000 books for Pre-K students to four Athens elementary schools this week – just in time for the Christmas break. These fledgling students will all have books of their own to keep their minds active and learning over the Christmas holiday!

Susan, the Fowler Elementary media specialist, gave each Pre-K student a bag with his or her name on it, and spread the books out in the school media center. The children came through in groups of six and, with help from their teachers, chose the books they want to keep. Alps Pre-K students will receive their books over a more prolonged period, starting with one per child at the school’s holiday party, then more to come when school resumes.

Stroud and JJ Harris schools just received their books today. We’ll share their stories once they’ve put together their programs.

This is Books for Keeps’ first Pre-K effort – it’s so exciting! Thank you, everyone, who donated books.