Did I dream this? I’m pretty sure my good friend Celia called yesterday to tell me her company, IntelliGRACS Group, is funding Books for Keeps 501(c)(3) application.

I’m hoping when you read this, you won’t burst into tears like I did.

It costs a LOT of money to form a 501(c)(3). I’ve been agonizing for 2 months over what to do. Start fundraising? Get a job (a paying job, that is)?

I spoke to a CPA yesterday for advice about how to account for all the book donations, and she said “Get your 501(c)(3) started… NOW.” 5 hours later, Celia calls.

I shouldn’t be surprised; Celia has a heart the size of War & Peace, and at every stage in Books for Keeps’ short life, people have stepped in at the very moment I needed them most. I don’t know how to explain what it feels like to be so completely at the mercy of others, all the time. I hate it for the lack of control. I love it for the lessons it’s taught me; gratitude is a pretty cool feeling, too.

So, Books for Keeps supporters – will you help me say “THANK YOU“??

Post a comment here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on the IntelliGRACS Facebook page. And take a minute to figure out if you might need IntelliGRACS Group’s services. They find holes in the safest of security systems/processes; better them than a hacker, right?

The world is a lot different when you view it from Cloud 9. I’m staying here for a little while.