Georgia Power is one of those singular sponsors that has been there for Books for Keeps since the very beginning – and has not missed a single year of support. They are truly among a special and dear circle of donors.

Having access to books at home was a call to action in 2011. In 2020, it feels like a matter of extreme urgency with so many students learning from home.

Their first donation was logged with Books for Keeps in 2011, the year of our founding.

At a time when we were still proving ourselves to many in the community, just trying to get noticed as a tiny volunteer-run organization, Georgia Power heard Melaney’s passion and vision and they got behind it.

What is particularly meaningful is that Georgia Power committed to increase its financial support in this year of unprecedented challenges – sponsoring two grade-levels at Gaines Elementary School in Athens.

This is far and away the largest gift of support by Georgia Power to our program, and it speaks to a singular commitment they have to children and education.

We love a sponsor that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty!

Beyond that, they’re committed to so many causes and ways of lifting up the Athens community and surrounding region – from working with our local United Way to participating in days of service to make improvements at other community gems like Bear Hollow Zoo, pictured here.

External Affairs Manager Christy Terrell leads the charge for Georgia Power, but she also volunteers her time on numerous local boards and initiatives, providing the strategic leadership so many of us nonprofits rely on.

With this gift from Georgia Power, we’ll be able to bring books to 160

Passion. Commitment. Service to community. They’re all things that connect us to Georgia Power!

students at Gaines Elementary School – providing them with 12 books each – sending more than 1,900 books going into the homes of these children for a summer full of learning, adventure, and exploration.

Like us, Georgia Power believes that the key to growing the vibrance and vivacity of our region is investing in education and the next generation of leaders. We’re so honored they have been a supporter in the fight for literacy and book access since the infancy of Books for Keeps, and we are thrilled they are helping us write the next chapter for kids in Athens!