There are supporters that are important for one particular reason – and then there are supporters whose involvement in an organization runs deep and wide, and seems to touch on nearly every aspect of what is dear to Books for Keeps.

Synovus is one of those above-and-beyond sponsors.

We’re highlighting Synovus here on our blog because of their commitment to sponsor a grade-level of students (that’s 80 children – more than 900 books!) at one of our Athens service schools.

That commitment can’t be emphasized enough. They’re returning to do this for the second year in a row, investing in local students’ futures at a time when so much feels uncertain about next month or even next week.

We have a long-standing relationship with Synovus. They have been our primary bank since Books for Keeps incorporated in 2011 and started raising money to fund its work. We have hosted employees from Synovus on our board and as volunteers in schools. We have benefited from book drives in Synovus branches around Athens. And we’ve attended – and hosted – many meetings in their main branch in downtown Athens.

Synovus has carefully woven itself – and its employees – in the fabric of Athens, particularly in service of Athens nonprofit community. (Don’t believe us – check out these awesome snapshots of some of their recent service activities!)

This commitment of $2,500 – when it joins other fundraising efforts like grants and individual donations – helps us plan confidently for spring of 2021. It helps us know we can keep our promise to the students and families we served this year. It helps us confidently forecast for full service provision to our partner schools.

So much feels up in the air. It’s hard to know what spring 2021 will look like.

One thing we know for sure? There will be books – thanks to incredible partners like Synovus.

Interested in learning more about partnering with Books for Keeps and sponsoring our spring program? Visit our sponsorships page!