Check out the amazing books we were able to purchase recently, thanks to the people who clicked the “Donate” button and contributed to our Deep Discount Purchase Fund: 1,065 new books for an average of $.95 each!

Here’s a sample of what we got. (I couldn’t resist opening a few boxes before taking them to the warehouse.)

I focused heavily on dinosaurs, but also on other books requested by boys – we are incredibly short on these books. First Book USA offered us a significant discount – some titles were as low as $.35 each.

This is my favorite. It’s a hardback picture book (for $.35!), but it’s actually for older children – 2nd-4th grades. Can’t you see a child picking up this book with no encouragement from an adult? It’s packed with pictures and information that will keep a child reading for hours.

We now have some dinosaur books for every age range. Until this shipment arrived, we had maybe 50, total – for 2,000 kids!

I wish you could have seen the UPS man’s face when he knocked on my garage door at the end of the long work day and said “Um… are you Melaney? You may want to come see this…” I felt so sorry for him that I helped him unload the truck.

I am trying to raise several thousand dollars, quickly, so that I can place another order. This time I’m focused on sports books, one of the top 3 requests from last year. We have 43. That’s it. Non-fiction basketball and football books about current teams and athletes are the top request, and it’s not going to be easy.

I’m negotiating discounts and will buy as many as I can, but seriously, I can’t do this without your help. Please make a tax-deductible donation. (Today, if possible!) Or, purchase a Books for Keeps tote bag. Either way, you’re providing books for children who might not otherwise have any.

Thank you, everyone who made this purchase possible!