DID YOU KNOW: it costs $850 just to apply for IRS 501(c)(3) certification?

Yes, you read that correctly. $850!

Once again, Celia Baker and IntelliGRACS Group have come through for Books for Keeps. They’re funding this application fee for us. We couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Which reminded me… I never introduced you to Books for Keeps’ new best friend. She was a gift from Celia and ItelliGRACS Group.

I called Celia from Harbor Freight to see if she’d donate funds to purchase tarps after our storage room roof leak. In true Celia style, she said “What else do you need that you’re doing without?” I told her about the cart. Her reply: “BUY TWO.”

There are 15+ bags/boxes of books crammed on this cart! Can you imagine how many trips it used to take to unload books from the parking lot? One box at a time, from the car, through 3 sets of doors, to our sort room.

Celia, what would Books for Keeps do without you? I thank you, my back thanks you, and so does every Books for Keeps donor who’s ever navigated those three sets of doors with arms full of books. And your funding of our 501(c)(3) application is a gift that will keep on giving. Thank you.