The BFK Book Sale is a mere three days away.

The sale site is abuzz with activity, thanks in large part to some truly incredible volunteers. However, we also want to take a time-out to thank the many businesses and individuals who have helped make this fundraiser possible.

Sponsors of our book sale play a really important role. They help us cover overhead costs like utilities and advertising so the money we make goes directly back into our program. But more importantly, their donations sponsor specific portions of the sale.

What this means is that when you choose to make a donation at the BFK Book Sale, these sponsors have pledged to match your donation up to a certain amount. Our sponsors are counting on our patrons to be generous and to dig deep in order to make the most of their pledged matches.

See the full book sale schedule here.

We’ll be recognizing our sponsors at the book sale, and telling patrons who/what business will match their donation during each portion of the sale. We also wanted to take a moment to recognize all of our wonderful sponsors here, because, well, we just can’t thank them enough.

Full-day sponsor:
• Niolon Lumber Sales

Half-day sponsors:
• Allergy Partners of Georgia
• Allstate – Merryn Walker Agency
• Model Citizen Salon
• Supporters of
• Carol & Rob Winthrop

Two-hour sponsors:
• First American Bank & Trust
• Holland & Company/MacRae
• Mitchell Bridge Dental Associates
• Taqueria la Parrilla
• Kathy Prescott & Grady Thrasher

In-kind sponsors:
• Crown Transfer & Storage
• Fairway Outdoor Advertising
• Fire & Flavor
• Homewood Village Shopping Center
• Mama’s Boy
• Online Athens & Athens Banner-Herald
• Taqueria La Parrilla