I’ll read and re-read this article every time I feel tired or discouraged, or find myself wondering if it’s really worth all the effort. From Kay, whose books are now located in multiple homes in Athens, GA… helping make sure kids don’t forget how to read over summer.

Don’t have time to read the article? Here’s the key quote:

“According to USA Today, another study, to be published later this year in the journal Reading Psychology, found that simply giving low-income children 12 books (of their own choosing) on the first day of summer vacation “may be as effective as summer school” in preventing “summer slide” — the degree to which lower-income students slip behind their more affluent peers academically every year. “

And then of course there’s this one, which sums up exactly why I feel so strongly the kids must OWN the books:

“As much as we love libraries, there is something in possessing a book that’s significantly different from borrowing it, especially for a child. You can write your name in it and keep it always. It transforms you into the kind of person who owns books, a member of the club…”

Thank you Kay! I’ve only been giving out 3 books per child; nothing like a lofty goal to make me work harder….