A quick update on Books For Keeps activities, and then I have to return to the long-overdue aspects of my “real life” that are screaming for attention.

I’ve applied for a charity account with BookMooch. No idea how long it takes, or if it would help for supporters to recommend me. If you think it would help, here’s the link to the charity page. Click “suggest a charity”. I noticed that not all of their charity accounts are official organizations… Comic Books for Kids, for example.

YWCO starts this week. I still haven’t worked out what the program will be, but they’ve told me they’ll let me ask the kids what books they want. It runs through June so it’ll be nice to have the luxury of time to do it right. I’m hoping to give some of our very best books to these kids.

I’ve finished sorting and categorizing ALL my books. Here’s the system:

1) Inventory: Books for future distribution are entered into LibraryThing. The most popular series books are boxed separately and put in 1 closet. The non-series books are alphabetized and boxed in another closet.

2) Books I Can’t Use: I’ve met with teachers, a librarian, and gotten feedback from local parents. There are some books that the particular kids I’m targeting just don’t want. And some of you gave me grown-up books to barter with. I’ve separated Books I Can’t Use into a few subcategories, in order of priority:

a) Lightweight books “in demand elsewhere”: I’ve posted these on BookMooch and have given away a bunch so far. If BM doesn’t give me a charity account, this will help maintain my mooch ratio.

b) Heavier books “in demand elsewhere”: They cost too much to mail, so I’m taking these to used book stores to trade for credit, which I’ll then use to get books for kids.

c) Remaining books in good condition: I tried posting these on bookmooch for a while. The ones that weren’t taken will be first offered to a used book store for credit, but if not accepted, they’ll be donated to Salvation Army or Project Safe.

d) Remaining books in bad condition: Some are so destroyed they’re unusable. They will be recycled. What’s left (books with lots of scribble; too many torn pages, etc) will be offered separately to Salvation Army or Project Safe, but if not accepted, they’ll be recycled.

So… I have 2 closets full of book inventory, and 11 boxes of mostly-adult books that I’ll be parting with soon. I’m hoping by the end of the week my house will cease to look like a yard-sale-in-progress.

That’s probably more than you wanted to know, but I figure I owe it to book donors to let them know how serious I am about making every book count. Even if it’s a book from 1950 with a torn cover, scribble, and an unidentified sticky substance coating it. I appreciate your support!