The wish list below is quite different from the school’s official wish list. But the librarian and outreach counselor both said I should focus on anything that gets the kids reading. So here’s a list of what the kids themselves asked for most.

I included the numbers I’ll need if I stick with only 1 school for next year. If I make the leap to 2 schools, I’ll update the numbers.

If you’re one of the folks who offered to shop the thrift stores for me, or if you just have a large inventory of kids books, this list is short and easy to focus on. I’ll be searching for deals on large lots of each on eBay so don’t bid against me!

Series books:
Animorphs – 25
Captain Underpants – 100+
“Coke or Pepsi?” – 25
Diary of a Wimpy Kid – 50
Goosebumps – 100+
Junie B Jones – 100+
Magic Treehouse – 50
Matt Christopher Sports – 50
Pokemon – 50
Young Cam Jansen – 50 (regular Cam Jansen is good too, but “young” is for beginners)

Kids sports books, especially basketball & football
Kids joke books

I noticed the kids automatically gravitated to the series books; some asked for them by name before they even started looking. My heart broke every time a child said “Where’s the Captain Underpants???” and I had to say… “I ran out”.

Books to Avoid: (sadly, some of my favorites!)
Nancy Drew
Hardy Boys
Little Bear
Little House on the Prairie
Spiderwick Chronicles
Time Warp Trio
Anything with a drab cover

That’s the short-but-sweet wish list from the kids. Doesn’t spring seem like a great time to clean off your bookshelves? I’m happy to take those books off your hands….