This spring, Media Specialist extraordinaire- and Books for Keeps enthusiast- Melissa Solomon conducted a quick survey with her 3rd through 5th grade students at Fowler Drive Elementary. Melissa wanted to know about the students’ reading habits and where they got the bulk of the books they read throughout the year.

Books for Keeps has been serving Fowler Drive Elementary School since becoming an official 501c3 in 2011, and to say that Fowler is special to us is putting it lightly. Each year, our experience at Fowler is one of joy and excitement, as students who have been in the program since kindergarten come to the media center to pick out their 12 books.

So imagine our joy when we saw the results of Melissa’s poll!!












It is incredible to us to see these numbers. This shows that for summer reading needs, most students say the majority of their books come from Books for Keeps. And that is exactly why we do what we do! We know that when school is out for summer, access to reading materials is one of the largest needs of students in the communities we serve.  We’re proud to see that students are taking the books they receive from Books for Keeps and reading them all summer.

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