The thrift store tour resumes tomorrow! I don’t have sponsors for many of the stops, so I am using funds from our account and hoping sponsors will miraculously appear in the next 24 hours.$50 sponsors a stop, and I’ll get 50-100 books for that amount.  Here’s the plan:

Atlanta – repeating the 2 most successful stops from the last leg of the tour:
Goodwill Perimeter
Goodwill Sandy Springs

Goodwill Roswell Road

Goodwill Cobb Parkway

Goodwill, East Ridge  (Sponsor: Athens Lunchtime Optimist Club)
McKays Used Books, Chattanooga
Goodwill, South Pittsburg (Sponsor: Athens Lunchtime Optimist Club)
Goodwill, Manchester (Sponsor: Taylor A, Atlanta)
Goodwill, Tullahoma (Sponsor: Model Citizen Salon, Athens)
Goodwill, Shelbyville
Goodwill, Hixson

About halfway through the trip I’ll stop and visit my 92 year-old grandmother for a few days, and my aunt Linda is playing hostess for this leg.

I’ll continue to hit the Athens, Winder and Atlanta Goodwills on a regular basis, but this is the last leg of the official tour until Thanksgiving, when I head south.  Thank you everyone for your sponsorship and support!