We got some much-needed rain overnight, a good night’s sleep, some fabulous produce from the Athens Farmers Market this morning…

…. then I felt a niggling urge to check the thrift stores for books. Which really makes no sense right now, but I went anyway. Scored an elusive “Diary of Wimpy Kid” and 2 just-as-elusive Harry Potter books. $1.50 total. It’s turning into an obsession.

I was back home looking at my newly reclaimed dining room table (meaning: not a single book on top of it!) when I saw the mail truck backing up my driveway. When she backs in, I know I’m getting something big.

Two Bookmoochers threw in extra books with my order. And I mean lots of extras. I continue to be amazed at – and thankful for – the kindness and generosity of strangers.

So yeah, I’m having a really good day. Hope you are too!