Michelle from Kingston, Ontario, Canada has been supporting Books for Keeps since the early days. She has some pretty inspiring Halloween plans this year and agreed to share them with us… so here’s Michelle, in her own words:

Last year I heard about a lady in New York State who was giving out books as treats for Halloween. How great it would be to have a really unique “treat” for the two hundred or so kids who prowl our neighbourhood on “All Hallow’s Eve”?

I figured we could afford about $1.00 per child/book/treat. I already had some experience with finding brand-new and unread books, still in their plastic covering, at charity shops. I had lots of resources available to me in the form of friends who teach or who have access to “teacher deals” from various publishers. In particular, I’ve been the “Scholastic Mom” at my kids’ school for the past few years, and I’ve seen lots of fantastic deals come across my desk.

I started with what we already owned. We have four sons, ages five to twelve, and it was easy to start by “purging” their shelves of books. But my biggest source for books ended up being a warehouse sale held in conjunction with Scholastic book fairs. There was a scratch and dent box, with brand-new books for all ages, many of which had defects that even I couldn’t find. The best news? They were priced at exactly a dollar a book!

I’ve ended up with eight cardboard boxes loaded with books to give out on Halloween night this year. I’ll be paying particular attention to the numbers of kids that we have trick-or-treating, and also what books are chosen the most quickly. I’m hoping that I’ll have something for everyone.

I’m really looking forward to having the chance to chat with the kids when they arrive, to “talk books”. It will also be nice to take the time to really “look” at their costumes, and know that they will be leaving with a treat that they have chosen just for themselves. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes 🙂


Thanks for sharing Michelle; I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m impressed and inspired. Can’t wait to hear the results.