I was only gone for 24 hours, I swear. I’m home now, and this truck is parked in my garage. It’s full of books and I’m pretending it’s not there.

Can I start at the beginning? I’ll make it quick. I left Saturday morning in an empty car. A wedding, some family time, then home.

On the way to Macon, I made a quick stop at a used book store in Bishop. Score! A hard-to-find copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. $3.50. See that rug underneath? This book is now sitting on the floor in my foyer. Why? Read on….

In Macon, Mom and I went to another used book store and she bought all 4 of their Wimpy Kids. $14.00. (Thanks Mom!). Yep, they’re on the floor too.

Shortly after that, Bayne arrives at Mom’s grinning from ear to ear. He’s got a back seat full of books from Smiley’s flea market. $10 for 200+ books. Here they are… on my floor.

As we left for the wedding, mom produces another pile of books.

And when I get home, two big packages of books are waiting for me, from Bonnie in Prosperity SC. Thanks Bonnie! I’m sorry they’re sitting unopened, on my floor.

The reason these books are on the floor in my foyer is because I don’t have anywhere else to put them. You see, I still haven’t put away last week’s books.

The big box from Michelle in Canada…

The books from Taylor’s tennis book drive….

The books I bought at Goodwill on Wednesday….

The books that came in the mail on Friday….

And that brings me to: The Truck.

The ad on Craigslist said “Hundreds of free books. Must take all. Bring truck.” I said…. OK.

Let’s take a closer look.

There are easily 1,000 books in this truck. Very few are children’s books. They’re from a used bookseller who cleaned out the books he couldn’t sell. But I couldn’t just turn around and leave, could I?

Now do you understand the question? What have I gotten myself into?

Tomorrow I’ll challenge myself to see if I can somehow turn this truckload of castoffs into a source of children’s books. But today? What truck? I don’t see any truck.