I’m hoping y’all are believers in the Better Late Than Never philosophy. Or maybe I should pretend I’m not late in posting party pics… I could call it October Flashback. Well, here goes.

We started the book drive with a kickoff party at Hendershots Coffee Shop.

Several people had the guts to perform dramatic readings from children’s books. Kids gathered on the floor in front while parents sipped coffee & cocktails .

Nathan is an actor, so his reading was especially dramatic. Tony Castro provided sound effects.

The night was one big blur and I really hope I remembered to thank everyone. Most especially I hope I thanked Shayne for organizing the whole thing, and Leigh for providing the munchies.

Fast forward to the end of October. For the wrap party, we took over the porch at Locos on Harris Street. Why the porch? Check out the weather.

I’m telling you, I was near tears and convinced not a single person would show. I was wrong, and I’m still so grateful to everyone who braved the storm to attend.

One one side of the porch we had pumpkin painting, with Sydney supervising to ensure kids painted ONLY their pumpkins…

… and cupcake decorating, with edible monster parts. No run-of-the-mill cupcakes for these folks; Cathy K made gourmet, from-scratch, spectacular cupcakes popular with kids AND adults. Thanks Cathy!

Bayne collected and counted books as guests arrived…

Hughes, one of Locos’ owners, told a story about a witch named GitchieGoomie (I think)…

Families took advantage of the $.99 kids meal…

… and Books for Keeps got 2 more carloads of books. Thank you Shayne, Leigh, Cathy and Locos, for helping me pull together a Boooooook Drive worthy of Halloween!

That’s all for tonight. Up tomorrow: the evolution – and subsequent de-evolution – of the Books for Keeps “Sort Room”. You have to see it to believe it.