Books for Keeps is dreaming of and wishing for many, many copies of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, “The Ugly Truth”. We want it so bad we set up a Wish List on Amazon.

Please consider ordering a copy for us! If you order from our wishlist page, Amazon will ship all the books to us (they already have our address on file) when it’s released in early November. It’s on sale for $7.67 right NOW.

This book is the #1 request from the kids Books for Keeps serves. And giving kids books they want to read is the #1 way to keep them reading.

We still can’t find books 1-4 in thrift stores, so our only hope of getting this book is for people to donate them. So please order a copy, and share this post with anyone who might donate the book.

Bonus: I will put the name, city & state of each donor on a book plate inside the cover of every copy we receive between release date and December 1.

Spread the word!