So many people to thank today! I wish every job was this easy.

Mom, in Macon GA, bought 4 Wimpy Kids for the cause. I’m trying to convince her to become a permanent Books for Keeps volunteer but she is resisting mightily. Until then, thanks Mom!

Bayne and his dad (ummm…. that’s my husband and father-in-law) hit a flea market and scored almost 200 books for TEN DOLLARS. Can you believe it? And I was able to use most of them, including 2 Wimpy Kids and a pile of books on the middle school wish list. Thanks Bayne and B.E.!

Bonnie in Prosperity, SC was packaging up some books mooched by one of my “angel moochers” (shout out to Kerry!) when her young daughter got involved. Seems she wanted her mom to give ALL the books to Books for Keeps – even those already promised to others. Bonnie compromised by throwing in a bunch of extras and they’re great. Thank you Bonnie… and Kerry, too!

Nancy in Staten Island NY sent a box of NEW early-reader chapter books that look like they’ll be a lot of fun. Nancy’s been supporting Books for Keeps since before we had a name, and I am profoundly grateful for people like her who keep us in mind when they see an opportunity to help. Thank you Nancy!

Melissa in Spring Lake, NJ threw in a Wimpy Kid for the cause. She’s a PaperBackSwap user and those are some of the hardest points to earn. Thank you Melissa!

Carrie from New Ulm, MN surprised me with a box of books covering all age ranges. I love a good surprise! Thank you for remembering our little project here in Athens, Carrie; the books are great!

Alaina from Claremont, NJ sent a big box of books. How many college students would take the time to do something like this? Best of luck with your studies Alaina, and I appreciate these books in a special way.

And that brings me to Alexa from L.A. She keeps me flush with PaperBackSwap points, which is a big part of the reason I have 27 Wimpy Kid copies today. Alexa, your frequent surprise donations always make my day… thank you!

I actually have a lot of people to thank who have helped in ways that don’t involve donating books. There’s a group of people from Whatever It Takes, the Clarke County School District, and Clarke County Recycling who are doing amazing things for Books for Keeps. You’re going to have stay tuned for those. Believe me, it’ll be worth it.