The YWCO Girls Club distribution was so cool!

The girls are divided into age groups, and each group has an assigned reading period each day.

I set up the books in one corner of the “reading room” and waited for the first group: 35 five-year-olds.

This is the first Books for Keeps distribution where the kids have had time to browse the books…

… to sit down and read a little….

… to show each other their choices….

… and read a little more…..

Seriously, you can tell they’re interested… they WANT books!

Smiles like these remind me why I’m doing this.

There was a near revolt in the 7 year-old group because I didn’t have enough Junie B Jones for everyone. The girls were crushed. I heard myself promising to come back Monday with a Junie B for each girl in the group. That settled things, and they got busy choosing other books.

It’s fun watching kids collaborate on their book selections.

The next three groups, (8, 9, 10 year olds) ALL wanted Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I’d have been smart to leave the few copies I had at home. Another near revolt, but it’s an expensive book and there’s no way I can buy new copies for everyone.

And here’s what happens when you don’t have enough Goosebumps to go around…. this was the last copy and I was “lucky” enough to catch the conflict on camera.

I was strangely honored that the girls were willing to talk books with me. Some asked me for recommendations. Uh, I haven’t read all this new stuff, and they do NOT like Nancy Drew! Another item to add to the To Do list. It was fun though, hearing them discuss books the same way I do with my fully grown girlfriends.

As usual, the kids were excited to learn the books were theirs to keep. It’s fun to watch. Their eyes kind of bug out a little when they hear “yours to keep”, then there’s a chorus of “Really? To KEEP?!”

I’ll share some lessons learned in another post – and worry about how to replenish my inventory some other time. It was a long day and I was frazzled after being around so many kids for 8 hours, but it was a good kind of tired. I love knowing that 200 more girls in Athens are now book owners.