The book distribution for the YWCO Girls’ Club is set for Thursday! I have 2 days (ok, a day and a half) to select, label, and deliver the books.

In May each class only had about 5 minutes to choose their books. The series books (Goosebumps, Junie B Jones, Captain Underpants) were decimated, and the high-quality, standalone chapter books were left untouched. So I’m trying a new strategy.

This time the kids will have a lot more time to browse, and I’m taking far fewer of the series books. (That’s partly out of necessity… I haven’t rebuilt my inventory!) Giving the kids more time also means I’ll have more opportunity to talk to them and learn what they want to read.

Surplus inventory (due to the generosity of my donors) made it possible for me to accept this gig. After this… no more surplus. It’s worth it though; Girls’ Club camp is funded in part by United Way and targets girls from low-income families. I’m giving these kids the best I’ve got.