'Books for Keeps is one of the most fun events we have at our school each year,' says one media specialist. 'The kids talk about it all year. They really feel ownership for the books and they get really excited toward the end of the year when they know it is coming.'

Celebrate Christmas in May with BFK.PSA_2584

No event can deliver that warm-fuzzy feeling straight to your heart quite like a Books for Keeps distribution. We spend all year working – with the help of volunteers and donors – to collect, inspect, and box books for distribution. It really is like Christmas.

The children come, one class at a time, to their school’s media center and select the books they would most like to own. Volunteers help them select books, and ask the students questions that help us align our book-collection needs for the following year.

The elation in the school media center during a BFK distribution is electric. Children speak excitedly about stories of princesses and superheroes. They gush over titles that make them giggle, and they light up in ways that their assigned school reading often cannot parallel.

While we spend most of the year collecting, sorting, and boxing books, it’s all in anticipation of those few weeks each May when we give all of the books away. Our plans had to shift considerably in spring 2020, but we managed to package and deliver more than 68,500 books directly to the homes of students we serve – thanks to volunteers, community partners, and supporters like you. Read more about that effort at our blog.

Spring 2019 book distributions were made possible by more than 500 unique volunteers – completing 1,532 volunteer hours during a six-week span. It’s only possible with the help of community members like you! The calendar of service schools for the 2020-2021 school year will be announced in January or February 2021, so come volunteer with us in the warehouse or at our book sale or keep checking back here!

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